Where is the starting line?

How hard can it be to get the Goldsmith Hotel to the Hamilton showgrounds which is the starting point today? It is harder than you think!

The support crew arrived but there is not a rider in sight. Eventually the riders make it – just one wrong turn and a short ride to the showgrounds became a long ride!

So the riders eventually made it to the starting line – all ready to set and go.  

Let’s wait until we hear their name called before they set the pace.  What’s that you hear? – the 7.20 riders are called.

The detour to the showgrounds has made the riders miss their call. There is no time to wait – let’s go!

It’s breakfast time!

Anyone for breakfast?

You should have seen the spread – it was magnificent! You could have toast, juice, eggs, cheese, ham, fruit, tea, coffee … you name it, it was there!

And it wasn’t just paper plates and plastic knives and forks!  It was china plates and proper knives and forks.

Thanks Lee for a wonderful breakfast – it was fantastic!

Keep your eyes shut tight!

It is 5.30am in the morning. It is dark – very dark!

Breakfast is happening  soon. The bikes have to be gone by 6.45am and start time is at 7.15am.

Rush, rush, rush …

The time will soon be disappearing quickly but there is still some serious sleep time if the riders are quick dressers.

There are no stars to be seen this morning.  The forecast for Hamilton is:

17°C | with an overnight low of 8°C

Precipitation: 30%
Humidity: 63%
Wind: 23 km/h
Don’t tell us that it is going to be the same as last year – those winds were punishing enough.
What are we expecting in Port Fairy?

17°C | with an overnight low of 8°C

Precipitation: 20%
Humidity: 63%
Wind: 21 km/h
Yuk – the wind won’t be getting much weaker. At the moment, there is none.  How long will this last???

An M2M tradition

What are some of the things that we always do on the M2M?

  • We train really hard before hand (or that is the intention) …
  • We battle the elements …
  • We enjoy the scenery …
  • We enjoy each others company …
  • We have lots of laughs …
  • We ride in to Port Fairy together … and …


  • We celebrate Noelle’s birthday!


(And the cake tasted as good as it looked …

Message from Lord Romford

Good afternoon riders, support crew, social media and 7 year olds – Its a balmy 13c and plummeting quickly – where’s the global warming out here I ask?!.

Confirming that we are all on time to meet at the Golden Chain Hamilton (28 Goldsmith St) later this afternoon to wish Stephen well on his 20k warm up ride before we head off to the Thai restaurant at 6.30

Safe travels, enjoy the sing song in the car (we’re up to 37 green bottles at Ballarat).

If anyone is in touch with Flash Mick, remember it’s warm, there a strong back wind and we’re in the lead.